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- Authentic material for all the new sorts of entries and inquiries on the test.
- Diagnostic pretests and post-tests
- Practice segments for the four abilities:
- Reading gives practice practices in the new test arrangements
- Listening true discussions between two individuals in a scholastic setting and scholarly addresses
- Speaking incorporates individual and explanatory assignments and incorporated undertakings.
- Writing comprises of interpretive and coordinated errands: perusing/tuning in/composing.
- Eight smaller than normal tests that review the test's coordinated four-abilities form.
- Two complete practice tests with the genuine test configuration and timing.

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Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL iBT Test The CDROM features:

- Completely distinctive material from the Student Book.
- Practice segments for all parts of the test, including talking.
- Eight little tests, and two complete tests.
- Pop-up clarifications for all things on the CDROM.
- Easy-to-utilize scoring and record-keeping to screen progress.

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