How To Make an LRC (lyric) File for MP3 / MP4 songs

1. Search for lyrics online & Paste it on Notepad
For example: on, search for "I want it that way lyrics". After you have found the lyrics, paste it on Notepad.
2. Edit the Lyrics so that it can flow smoothly.
Note: This is optional

3. Download, Install DviXLand Media Substitler at:
It is totally FREE

4. Open DviXLand Media Substitler, and then open:
File > Open text........ (select text file)
File > Open video...... (select MP3 file)

5. Press and hold "Apply" button to sync it. Each time you press, hold and release the "Apply" button, the time duration is accounted for 1 text line. Repeat the hold process until the end of the song.

6. Once you've finished it, click File/Save as to save it as Karaoke Lyric LRC File.
Note: The .LRC should have the same name as the MP3 file.

7. That's it. Put the LRC file in the same folder as the MP3. Open the song with any Media Players you like and Enjoy!
Note: For displaying lyrics on Windows Media Player, you must install this small plugin (256kb)

Repeat the process for MP4 Video file. However, it is better to save your lyric file in .SRT format as below image:
How to Synchronize Lyric for MP3 Songs
How To Make an LRC (lyric) Files for MP3 / MP4 songs


Cik Ekin said...

it's not working. :(

Do Lam said...

I have done this tutorial by myself so that I am sure that it always work. If you strictly follow my instructions, I guarantee that you won't have to regret. BTW, thanks for your comment.

Bhai said...

Subtitles (lyrics) appears in KM Player only. They don't appear in Winamp or Windows Media Player.
So u should use KM Player to see the lyrics.

Hoang Lam said...

@Bhai You're wrong! The subtitle format works well on all type of media players on PC, even media players on cellphones

Anonymous said...

Dear Hoang Lam,
I've tried this thing with winamp ,windows media player and KM player. Only KM player displayed the lyrics.Could you please tell me how can I see lyrics in winamp. What settings have I to make in winamp to see lyrics.
Thank you.

Hoang Lam said...

Thanks for your feedback. I have updated my post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tutorial I've tried with winamp, it's so easy :)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! This helped me sooo much! Nothing else that I have tried work. Thank You!

Anonymous said...

....thanks poh ng marami laking tulong po i2,...god bless.

Anonymous said...

Ian Sur says:

Thanks for this 'step by step' tutorial bro... GBU

Anonymous said...

Ian Sur says (again) :

Love that you've choosen that BSB song

Anonymous said...

this thing just display the whole lyrics on the screen and it did not really sync with the audio.