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If you make a Google search with keyword "Get more Friends on Facebook", you will see a bunch of sites listed on Google's search results for you to choose. However, the way that the sites provide to you to get many more friends is not so effective. With my experience on getting Facebook Friends, I will give you the most effective way that I am using to make more friends on Facebook.

1. Your avatar on Facebook is the first thing that you should consider. It's better to use the image of a pretty girl instead of an abstract image as your avatar.

2. Join Groups or Pages on Facebook that promote "make more Facebook friends" or " Get more Friends on Facebook" or even "add me".

Here are the list of the pages and groups that I used to make friends on Facebook:


3. Use friend finder tool on Facebook to find your friends on other popular networks,e.g., Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Skype,....

4. If you are playing games on Facebook, it is also a good source to make more friends.

5. The FASTEST way is to create a campaign on microworkers.com to request more friends, you can earn genuine 1000 friends just in 1 day, however you must pay a little for this campaign.

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