English Study: Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test  4th edition eBook + Cd-rom [mediafire.com]

Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL iBT Test - A new edition designed to prepare students for the TOEFL iBT test, administered online. The complete package for self-study includes the student book with hundreds of skill-building exercises, the full audio program on audio CDs for use with the exercises and practice tests in the book, and the CD-ROM with seven practice tests.

Key features of the 4th edition include:
- An iBT-format diagnostic test, three complete practice tests, and mini-tests in the book
- Seven complete practice tests on CD-ROM
- Over 200 skill-building exercises in reading, listening, speaking, and writing
- Integrated-skills tasks that combine reading and listening with speaking or writing
- Test-taking strategies for each skill
- A special section to strengthen vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar as well as not-taking, paraphrasing, and summarizing skills
- An answer key with explanations, plus sample answers for TOEFL iBT essays and speaking responses
- A complete audio program with listening exercises and practice tests


student book
answer keys
practise test

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Very Important:

1. The CD-ROM is split into 6 parts with the extension of *.001, *.002, ..., *.006 . You must join the files by using this simple tool to join them

2. To open the CD-Rom, you must install a virtual driver software in your Windows. Daemon Tools lite is a free and powerful virtual driver software. Download the latest version of Daemon Tools Lite here.

3. For those who receive the error "Original disc could not be found or authenticated" when trying to run the application with the CD-ROM:

>> Open Daemon Tools Lite Window
>> Create a virtual SCSI drive
>> Insert the CD-ROM
>> Mount it with the virtual SCSI drive
>> In autoplay DO NOT run setup.exe and instead open folder to view files
>> In the folder double click on "Cambridge TOEFL (P) Prep" and Enjoy!

Note: For Windows 8 users, you will receive the error "Emulator detected!!"when you follow these steps. Try to change compatibility mode to Windows 7 or lower OS before you run the "Cambridge TOEFL (P) Prep" file.

Or watch the video showing you how to pass the error here: