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The above image is my latest earning in adf.ly chart Sep 2012. There are a bunch of ways to make money online. Some choose PTC, PTS, PTU, completing offers and surveys, affiliating... others choose to put ads from advertising networks on their own websites or blogs. For me, I choose both of these methods. If your websites or blogs contain many downloadable things such as softwares, games, ebooks, it is a wise idea for you earn extra income from those downloadable things by using paid URL Shortener Services. OR simply, you get a lot of traffic and want to make money from the huge traffic. URL Shorteners are one of the best solutions. When a visitor visits your websites, URL shorteners such as adfly will force your visitors to view ads and you get paid from that. This method is kind of annoying for visitors, however, it is acceptable to view ads for 5 second, but they will get what they want at your websites.  By using that method you won't need to shorten your URL. ALl you need is to install a script of a link shortener network on your websites, for example, the webscript of adfly. Here are the list of these best paid URL Shortener Websites:


Adf.ly is the best paid URL shorteners due to its best rated payout of all link shortened networks and its ontime payment.  For example, you can get paid update 9$ for 1000 unique US visitors, however other networks, the payout is around 2$ to 5$. Adfly has the countdown payment time which is very useful.

Adf.ly offers 3 type of ads:  Interstitials (shows up before the page you linked), paid views from website traffic (you don't need to shorten your URLs) and Top Banners. Adf.ly offers different CPM rates for visitors from different countries, the top being the US with 9$ per 1000 visitors (for Interstitial ads and paid views from website traffic) and 2$ per 1000 visitors (for top Banners). They also have a referral program which pays 20% of all of your referrals’ earnings for life.

Adfly has recently introduced popups ads which helps you to earn even more. The average CMP rate is ~0.5$ to 1$. For US popups, the rate is ~2$.  For setting popup ads on your websites, copy & paste this code to your blog template:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var adfly_id = your.adfly.id;
<script src="https://cdn.adf.ly/js/display.js"></script>

Ways to earn: create your own blogs about downloadable things such as games, softwares. Shortening the download links using adfly or you can use this code: http://adf.ly/your.adfly.id/URL
Quality blogs will get a lot of traffic that means your adfly earning will surely increase. Posting things in forum and carefully hide your adfly links are one of the good ways to make extra income because there are a ton of people will visit your links if it is a hot topic, for example, http://www.google.com

Adf.ly pays through PayPal. Your earnings are paid daily (manually) once you have earned $5.00 or monthly (automatically).


Linkbucks allows you to create links using three ways: single links, multiple links and a third option to turn all the links in the webpage to a paying link (using a javascript). You are able to choose 3 type of ads that will be showed when the visitor clicks your link, Intermission ads (shows up before the page you linked), Top Banner ads (displayed in a small top frame above the site you are linking to) and Pop Up ads (which appear as a little pop up window on the page you linked). Also has a referral program which pays you 20% of your referrals earnings, and also a % of the members they refer.
Linkbucks pays through Paypal and the Minimum payment request is $5.00 . Payments are processed 2 times per month.


They have 2 systems, The Paid URL Shortener system and the other is a Text advertising and Interstitial Ads (a full web page ad that appears before the visitor arrives at the actual destination webpage) system to place in your website, for you to earn money. You can decide on what type of system you want to use to earn money. Interstitial ads pay on a CPM basis and rates vary by country of origin. Text ads pay on a CPC basis and earn rates pay by country of origin. Ity.im Short URL system pays  according to per 1000 visits to your Ity.im links , the amount will vary by country of origin. They also have a referral system, You can earn an instant $0.20 bonus for each friend that you refer to Ity.im. Plus earn up to 5% of each of your referrals total earnings.

Ity.im pays through Paypal (your account needs to be verified) and minimum payout limit is 3$. Payments are made daily.

If you just want to shorten your URLs and don't want ads bothering your website/blog visitors. I recommend you to use bit.ly - a very famous FREE URL Shortener service.

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