English Unlimited B1 Preintermediate Pdf Teacher’s book +Coursebook +Audio

English Unlimited B1 Pre-intermediate contains 14 units. The course book incorporates a DVD-ROM and Audio CDs that contain various activities and the capacity to record your voice.

A focal part is played by the novel e-Portfolio. It permits whenever to record their learning and information learners independently in electronic structure.

– Clear design and clear lesson structure
– Tasks, for example, Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing, Speaking permit fluctuated and centered lessons
– Target movement pages in every lesson focused on abilities preparing for business and recreation
– Key words errands give activities to essential and dubious words in the English dialect
– Explore pages instruct and extend the focused on center skills Speaking and Writing
– In the Look again pages scholarly will be condensed and rehashed

Download English Unlimited B1 Preintermediate Pdf Teacher’s book &pack +Coursebook +Audio +Wordlists

1. Teacher’s book & Teacher’s pack

2. Coursebook PDF OR DJVU

3. Audio: Cd1 | Cd2 | Cd3

4. Wordlists

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