IELTS Target 6.5 Coursebook and Workbook with answers PDF

ielts target 6.5 chris gough pdfIELTS Target 6.5 is aimed at students entering IELTS study at intermediate level. The main focus of preparation is the IELTS Academic examination, therefore this book is ideal for those seeking to gain accreditation for university admissions or for immigration purposes.

1. Speaking and Vocabulary: This prepares students for the type of interaction. The vocabulary selected is that most frequently encountered during the speaking exam.
2. Listening: The first part engages students in a topic and pre-teaches key vocabulary. The second part practises the skill.
3. Reading: As with the Listening Module.
4. Writing: This deals with both parts of the Writing test
5. Consolidation and Exam Practice: The first part revises the speaking focus and vocabulary in the first module. The second part practises listening, reading or writing skills.

Download IELTS Target 6.5 Coursebook and Workbook with answers PDF 

Coursebook + Workbook

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